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Festival of Lights Parade Internship Program

















The Los Altos Festival of Lights Parade Association works with a diverse team of high school interns year round to maintain, repair, and enhance this event's two dozen parade floats.


Parade Floats require a combination of aesthetics, engineering, problem-solving and creativity: essentially it’s theater construction (music, props) but on wheels, with computer-orchestrated music, robotics and light animation thrown in. It requires intensive team ideation, problem solving, collaboration, mentoring, technical sleuthing, and design, all combined with an artistic sensibility. In 2023, our interns helped convert 21 of our 24 floats to all-electric power!


Under the guidance of team leaders Chuck Piercey, Dave Hale, Mike Sasnet, and Dave Stewart, our amazing 2023 intern team has built and/or rebuilt five large floats together; examples of their work can be seen in the Shredders, Emerald City, Wind-up Locomotive and Magical Carousel floats. 


Thank you to our 2023 interns​!


High schoolers interested in joining the 2024 parade interns program should email

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