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What if it rains on parade night?

When rain is in the forecast, we will announce on this website and on our social media pages whether the parade will go forward by noon on parade day. If we have to cancel the parade, there will be no rain date.

Why do you need donations? Aren't you funded by the City of Los Altos?

The parade is fortunate enough to be a Los Altos Heritage Event, with the City providing police and other city services. However, construction, repair, and renovation of all the amazing floats and costumes are funded solely by private donations. 

Where should I sit?

The least crowded areas are toward the end of the parade, along Whitney Street. You can often find the best views there, even if you come at the last minute!

What should I use to reserve my spot?

Blankets are best! Chalk and tape are difficult for volunteers and city staff to clean up; ropes and chairs can block the sidewalk and create tripping hazards.

What's the deal with the novelty sales?

Novelty sales are one of the parade's biggest fundraisers! We partner with local volunteer service groups to sell glowing sabers and necklaces, and 100% of the profits go back to the parade. Unfortunately, uninvited and unpermitted sellers typically offer similar products in an effort to enrich themselves. So please look for volunteers or volunteer tables with the official "Festival of Lights Volunteer" lanyards to ensure that your purchase is funding the parade!

Can I bring my dog?

Please leave your pets at home. The sidewalks are crowded, the music is loud, and floats have been known to backfire and frighten dogs.

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